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[BR] Cable HDMI Adapter VGA USB

Hi my name is Hiago and i work for Pichau Gaming. We are a 10-year-old company, our operation is based in Brazil and we're the biggest PC Builder in Latin America. Currently we sell computers, peripherals, chairs, cases, cooling solutions and other accessories for computer with our brand. We are looking for OEM CABLES (Hdmi, USB Extensor, adapter). If you're interested, please answer this message asap, add me in
Type :hdmi
Application : Gamer Computers


Please send us quotation for the following items:

HDMI Cable 1,5m/1,8m/2m 1.4 4K
HDMI Cable 1,5m/1,8m/2m 2.0 3D 4K
Male Displayport 1,5m/1,8m/2m
Hdmi to female VGA converter with audio
Adapter Displayport to VGA

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