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[TR] copper ingot

bu ürün ilgimi &|231;ekti. S&|305;n&|305;f AAA Bak&|305;r Kül&|231;eler % 99.99%, &|214;&|287;renmek istedi&|287;im bir ka&|231; detay var.
Yan&|305;t&|305;n&|305;z&|305; bekliyorum.


I'm Seyhan &|350;en
a company engaged in selling various branches in Turkey
we have decided to contact you in accordance with the copper needs of our customers copper ingots that we need should not be directly primary factory converted and transformed and should be certificates if you see fit to meet you and to get samples and certificates I would like to visit you a purchase of 30 50 tons per month advance payment will be made

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