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Hello, I am wanting~~long sleeve see through, breathable, either that or netting material sleeved. Please get back to me if you need more info~~ I am sorry, but I haven't an image, I have just s...
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相关买家: 长袖衫; Long Sleeve;
[CA] [1096457] 加拿大求购T-恤(T-shirt) (08-12)
I want to open up business partnership with the company that is working on making branded T-shirts, brands like Tommy Hilfiger and others. I would also like to produce T-shirts for the political pa...
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相关买家: T恤; T-shirt;
[US] [1096319] 美国求购太阳镜(Sun Glasses) (08-12)
I am starting a new eCommerce site and would like to offer your products. What can you offer me in a sample order?
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相关买家: 太阳镜; Sun Glasses;
[US] [1096290] 美国求购帽子(Corduroy Hat) (08-12)
Hi, Seeking a supplier to create corduroy hats in a similar style to the one in the picture ***. Must be able to export to New Zealand. Have 5X different designs to be shared later, with 300 un...
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相关买家: 帽子; Corduroy Hat;
Dear, I have two daughters who loves getting dressed up. Everytime they wear clothes its hard to find the set with hair styling, we thought about having clothes-line also hija for kids with clothes...
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相关买家: 女童衣服; Kids Clothes; Kids Toys;
[MA] [1096221] 摩洛哥求购鞋子(shoes) (08-11)
Hello I am interested in the OSP 9868 (TUV SUD / PSB / S1P) safety shoe; i want to know if you issue the TUV certificate and i want to know the price of a 300 pairs of these shoes to port casablanca, ...
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相关买家: 鞋子; shoes;
[US] [1096163] [有图]美国求购拖鞋(Foam Diabetic Slippers) (08-11)
1000 Piece/Pieces FOB Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers with Adjustable Closures,Extra Wide
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相关买家: 拖鞋; Foam Diabetic Slippers;
[UK] [1096077] 英国求购毛料衣服(woolens) (08-10)
Dear, As we plan our fall inventory, we are again in market to buy woolens. We are principally interested in the traditional sweater(men's and women's cardigans and pullovers),and would like to reque...
相关买家: 毛料衣服; woolens;
Dear Sir We have a requirement of Nitrile Gloves on your brand and the quantity will be like 500000 boxes. Please let me know if you have any agents or dealers in TAMILNADU, INDIA to have discussion...
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相关买家: 手套; disposable Nitrile;
H, We are looking for a suppler to quote unit costs and MOQ for the *** sandal. The tech pack has not been created yet, but have *** some CADs of what the customer is after. The idea of this ...
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相关买家: 凉鞋; Ladies Sandal;
[UK] [1095804] 英国求购夹克(jacket) (08-07)
Pl quote your best price for wholesale top original quality newest Louis Vuitton Supreme LV hoodies jackets , and what is the MOQ Best Regards
相关买家: 夹克; jacket;
hi everyone . i am looking for style of clothes for girl , women for many kind with good price and good quality . if anyone is interesting that . please let me know or contact to me
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相关买家: 女士服装; women clothes;
[MX] [1095737] [有图]墨西哥求购女士帽子(ladies hats) (08-07)
looking for a good supplier with nice and new design for ladies hat's. need good price and quality we are a company based in California
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相关买家: 女士帽子; ladies hats;
I love your Baby smocked clothing. Can you send me your catalogue of smocked baby clothing until 1year old? My Thank you
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相关买家: 婴儿服装; Smock Dress;
[KW] [1095706] 科威特求购女鞋(Lady Shoes) (08-06)
I am an online seller in Kuwait and I want a manufacturer that can produce customs designs of different styles of female shoes, sandals, mules, sneakers etc. I will prefare a good means of communic...
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相关买家: 女鞋; Lady Shoes;
I have an online retail where we sell authentic designer sneakers. I am looking for a new supplier at the moment. If you can supply designer and exclusive brands such as balenciaga, Mcqueens, loubouti...
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相关买家: 运动鞋; Athletic Shoes; Sports Shoes;
I am looking for Chiffon, silk, cashmere, pashmina, woolen, crepe and fleece scarves and Shawls Please send me your catalogs along with pictures, quotes, shipping and return policy info. I am a small...
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相关买家: 披肩; Scarfs; Shawls;
Hello, I'm the owner of a luxury sportswear line, I'm in search of a reliable distributor that specializes in sublimation, screen print and embroidery with unlimited types of fabric and patterns. My p...
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相关买家: 定制运动服; Customizable Apparel;
Hi There, We are looking to purchase [PRODUCT] for the United Kingdom market. Our Primary sales channel will be online through & and estimate up to [10,000 - 15,000] Pieces sold annuall...
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相关买家: 女士雪纺衫; 衬衫; bell sleeve blouse;
I need to speak to someone on your production team for a big project this Spring. My company is Sammy + Nat and we are looking for a new dress manufacturer. Please advise. Thank you,
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相关买家: 女童连衣裙; baby girls dress designs;
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