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[BR] [1096925] 巴西求购面霜(cream) (08-16)
Hello, I want to buy 30g Stronger quality of Stalidearm 25% PROAEGIS cream , I need a better price to make my confirmed. I can sell this system in many places. Please consider. Very respectfully
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相关买家: 面霜; cream;
[US] [1096912] 美国求购洗手液(Hand Sanitizer) (08-16)
Our company want to purchase Hand Gel Sanizer and other Sanizer products - Quantity : - 1 container Load - Size - 500 ml and 1000 ml bottle - Best Price
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相关买家: 洗手液; Hand Sanitizer;
[US] [1096911] 美国求购洗手液(Hand Sanitizer) (08-16)
Dear Representative: Capital International Communications is looking for hand sanitizer-.5oz and touchless hand sanitizer dispenser. Can you help?
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相关买家: 洗手液; Hand Sanitizer;
[OM] [1096910] 阿曼求购洗手液(Hand Sanitizer) (08-16)
Buy Hand Sanitizer and Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.
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相关买家: 洗手液; Hand Sanitizer;
Need elbow operated hand sanitizer dispenser (operated using your elbow rather than your hand, looks like the automatic and manual dispenser, not the thin metal one where you insert the bottle).
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相关买家: 洗手液分配器; Hand Sanitizer Dispenser;
[PH] [1096901] 菲律宾求购化妆品(cosmetics) (08-16)
We need for beauty cosmetics.
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相关买家: 化妆品; cosmetics;
[OM] [1096900] 阿曼求购洗手液(Hand sanitizer) (08-16)
Looking for Hand Sanitizer (Quantity: 1000000+ on regular basis).
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相关买家: 洗手液; Hand sanitizer;
Want supplier who can provide ANTI BACTERIAL SPRAY Refill SPRAY LIQUID Refill Hand SANITIZER AIR FRESHNER.
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相关买家: 洗手液; 空气清新剂; Hand SANITIZER; AIR FRESHNER;
[US] [1096898] 美国求购口罩(Mask) (08-16)
Disposable 3Ply 3 Ply Non Woven Anti Flu Virus Dust Mouth Mask Medica.
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相关买家: 口罩; Mask;
[SA] [1096897] 沙特阿拉伯求购护肤霜(Cream) (08-16)
Buy Golden Pearl Cream Or Face Fresh Beauty Cream.
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相关买家: 护肤霜; Cream;
[BH] [1096896] 巴林求购口罩(surgical masks) (08-16)
50 high quality surgical masks for a really gud price.
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相关买家: 口罩; surgical masks;
hello, we are interested your fruity soap, So plz let me quotation and sample as soon as. we are looking forward your feedback as soon wishes
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相关买家: 果味香皂; Fruity Soap;
[BH] [1096892] 巴林求购卷发器(hair curler) (08-16)
Babyliss hair curler. Barely used. In excellent condition.
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相关买家: 卷发器; hair curler;
Buy About Lazer Beauty Equipment.
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相关买家: 美容配件; beauty assecories;
Hello , Am interested in the purchase of your Lazer beauty equipment Kindly let me know the final asking price and cost.
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相关买家: 美容设备; Beauty Equipment;
[AE] [1096887] 阿联酋求购美容皂(Beauty Soap) (08-16)
I need soap detaile please send me contact no or whatsapp.
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相关买家: 美容皂; Beauty Soap;
We are looking new Beauty machines. Can you share your machines details along with catalogs.
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相关买家: 美容机; beauty machine;
I need all face makeup of that brands. If have a good price, i will order in bulk. Please contact me soon.
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相关买家: 面部化妆品; face makeup;
[IN] [1096862] 印度求购化妆刷(makeup brush) (08-15)
need makeup brush please connect with me ,thank you.
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相关买家: 化妆刷; makeup brush;
Liv52 Himalaya 100 Tablets (Herbal medicine).
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相关买家: 草药; Herbal medicine;
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