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Good day to you! My name is Natalia, I am a manager of Purchase Department in JSC 揈nergomera? Stavropol, Russia. We produce electrical power meters and additional equipment. We possess 24 % of Russia...
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相关买家: 测试台; Test benches;
Hello We are looking for color ink for the following applications in polyurethane foam: To color the foam during fabrication or for spray decoration. This ink will be used to decorate PU toys simil...
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相关买家: 彩色油墨; Flexible Ink;
thanks for the work you are doing by names am called BUKENYA HARUNAH , and am interested in making business with you we need printing papers ,pencils ,books and colours which i need to import to ...
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相关买家: 办公用品; printing papers; pencils; books;
ATTENTION: Please DO NOT RESPOND to this message on *** as we may not see it as an *** messaging platform is hard to read. Please respond by sending anto Please include this entire original message ...
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相关买家: 记号笔; Marker Pens;
Dear Sirs, My name is Ivan and i'm representative of the retail stores in Philippine. Now i'm going to open purchasing project for A4 paper sheets. Application: Copy, office. I need your quotat...
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相关买家: A4复印纸; A4 Copy paper;
we have inquiry for lab instruments.
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相关买家: 实验设备; lab instruments;
Dear Sir, If possible for you to send your C&FC3% MT Karachi, prices for sheets and reels Test Liner 80 to 120 gsm, Fluting Paper Woodfree Offset Paper 60,70,80,90,110 gsm, 2/S Coated Art Car...
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相关买家: 胶印纸; Woodfree Offset Paper;
We have a business that makes rubber, but we need a supplier of machines to assemble those rubber stamps that are used in offices and to stamp documents. There are different models, from simple to sel...
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相关买家: 橡皮图章机; Rubber Stamp Machines;
Hello, hope that you are very well! kindly i need to contact you to get quotation and price list to some interested items
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相关买家: 银行点钞机; counter;
I am looking for 9" roller covers 12 mm bristle length (3/8") Roller handles I will prefer the European type. 500 handles 1000 - 3000 rollers IF ordering more than 3000 will give me better prici...
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相关买家: 滚筒盖; 滚筒架; Roller Cover; The Roller Frame;
1. Art paper: 90 , 100, 120, 130 & 170 GSM. Size: Double demy, double Crown. 2. Art Board: 210, 220, 250, 270, 300, 350, 400 GSM. Size: Quad, double demy, double crown. Quantity Required: 400MT ...
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相关买家: 纸板; Art Paper; Art Board;
[PH] [1095510] [有图]菲律宾求购临摹纸(70gsm Copy Paper) (08-05)
Type:Copy Paper Size:A4 Color:White Place of Origin:TH Brand Name:Hard Copy Bond Paper Keyword:A4 Office Paper Copy Paper Size:A3/A4/letter Size/legal Size Product name:Hard Copy Bond Paper Us...
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相关买家: 临摹纸; Copy Paper;
we are a lab equipment distributor ,we have interests on your products
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相关买家: 实验设备; lab instruments;
[MX] [1095112] 墨西哥求购打印机(printer) (08-03)
Hello I need the 58mm printer that can conncet to a window 10 pcs. please share your best price
相关买家: 打印机; printer;
[US] [1095092] [有图]美国求购纹身笔(microblaing tatto pen) (08-03)
hi supplier i'm gaetano crescenzi , owner of .we sell microblaing tatto pen for eyebrown thing the not -drophpping -our current price 0.8 usd for unity included shipping 7/14 day usa I am look...
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相关买家: 纹身笔; microblaing tatto pen;
Type:Oil brush Hair Material:nylon hair Handle Material:Wood Packing:poly bag color:variety Quantity:900000000 Pieces
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[AU] [1095041] [有图]澳大利亚求购图章(flash stamp) (08-03)
Hi We are looking for a competitive quote to purchase a number of round flash stamps that are pre-inked and similar to the following picture below. We’d like the handle to be a custom colour/colour...
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相关买家: 图章; flash stamp;
[MY] [1094974] [有图]马来西亚求购文件夹(Ticket album book) (08-03)
Hello, I’m looking for anyone who can do this kind of binder for ticket storage Thank you !
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相关买家: 文件夹; Ticket album book;
Dear Partner, You are welcome to take part and offer the best service for our current very urgent project. Time is critical, so please do your best to answer in 24 hours! We are interested in next p...
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相关买家: 手机镜头; Phone lens set;
Hi, I am currently searching for a new supplier for our home office products. We are looking for high volume, good quality at a low price. Would you be so kind in sending a product catalog and quo...
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相关买家: 办公桌; Computer Table;
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